Lower Extremity


Knee & Small Joints

  • Sized to promote secure fixation and minimize the tunnel size needed for passing.
  • Multiple loop sizes and a no loop option allow for versatility and customizable fixation.
  • The braided continuous loop is the latest technology in high performance medical-grade fiber, designed to increase creep resistance and enhance strength1 leading to fewer revisions.

Procinch Adjustable Loop

ProCinch utilizes Stryker’s proprietary IntelliBraid Technology to deliver a best in class adjustable loop that maximizes implant strength and minimizes suture slippage during cyclic loading.

Time-Saving Design

To accommodate surgeon preference, the ProCinch implant comes in two options. ProCinch ST is designed to tension through the AM portal and ProCinch RT is designed to tension through the lateral femoral cortex. Using ProCinch eliminates the need to calculate the implant loop size and allows surgeons to maximize the graft in the femoral socket. Use ProCinch in conjunction with VersiTomic® and Biosteon to achieve a complete anatomic ACL reconstruction.

Ultimate Strength
Both the ProCinch ST and RT offer higher ultimate strength than competitive products allowing for maximum implant strength for repair.

Excellent Cyclic Performance

ProCinch utilizes Stryker’s proprietary IntelliBraid technology to deliver a best in class adjustable loop that minimizes implant loop extension during cyclic loading.

Interference Screws

Stryker offers three options among sports medicine interference screws. The patented Universal, Bioabsorbable and Biosteon Wedge Interference Screws are for cruciate ligament reconstruction and indicated for soft tissue and BTB grafts.

The Universal is made of titanium, fully threaded and has blunt threads protecting the graft from laceration.

The Bioabsorbable is made of Poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA).

The Biosteon, made of 25 percent Hydroxy-Apatite (HA) and 75 percent Poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA), has the fixation strength of a titanium interference screw and the osteoconductive potential of bone (designed to promote the healing characteristic of the bone tunnel and graft).

Biosteon is a registered trademark of Biocomposites, Ltd.

Versi Tomic

The VersiTomic Flexible Reaming System is designed to optimize versatile and anatomic placement of femoral socket(s) for ACL reconstruction.

The “puzzle piece” flexible drill technology facilitates anatomic femoral socket placement using standard techniques, graft selection and fixation methods common to ACL reconstruction.

With the VersiTomic Flexible Reaming System,the Femoral socket(s) may be created via the anteromedial portal or the tibial tunnel without the need to hyperflex the knee.

VersiTomic Flexible Reamers are available in sizes 4.5-12mm (including half sizes).

VersiTomic reamers require minimal force to advance in bone and may be run in a reverse drill setting.

VersiTomic reamers feature a mark indicating the profile of the Asymmetric reamer head. The Asymmetric reaming head of the VesiTomic reamer enables smooth passage through the tibial tunnel and anteromedial portal, helping to avoid damage to bone or intra-articular structures.

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