Lower Extremity

ACL Instrumentation

The Universal ACL Instrumentation System provides for a variety of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction techniques. With the Stryker Universal ACL Instrumentation and endoscopic surgical technique, it is possible to obtain more reproducible anatomical graft placement and stable fixation - the desired goal of ACL reconstruction.                        


For successful arthroscopy, precise visualization is crucial – so turn to the imaging products leader, Stryker Endoscopy. Gain brilliant, high-definition images and improved light distribution and transmission through Stryker’s arthroscope line including 4mm, Small-Joint and C-Mount arthroscope lines. rthroscopes

Stryker Crossfire Integrated Arthroscopy System

The first and only integrated arthroscopic resection system, Crossfire works seamlessly with the iSWITCH wireless universal footswitch-combining RF and Shaver control in one console.

Features & Benefits

Increases performance, increases power.

The Crossfire system produces a more usable and aggressive range of ablation than previous consoles, and increases the performance of SERFAS ENERGY probes and Formula Shaver disposables – allowing for better arc initiation on all types of tissues densities. And with a new approach to coagulation functionality, Crossfire’s generator maintains a constant voltage to shrink back tissue and reduce the risk of unwanted charring.

Arthroscopy, all in one.

A hybrid platform, Crossfire can operate motor and RF functionality in one revolutionary solution. Using bipolar RF technology to generate a controlled area of ionized particles, Crossfire rapidly removes tissue through vaporization. The two-in-one console and footswitch saves space in the OR and has a large, bright LCD screen for added visibility. Crossfire’s internal Customizer software offers in-depth user preferences that can be saved per surgeon for use on multiple consoles.

CORE Shaver System

Stryker’s software-based system helps surgeons in various specialties perform aggressive tissue resection and rapid bone debridement during arthroscopic procedures. The system can be directed with unique wireless footswitches and offers powerful, precision cutting to ensure maximum performance for today’s surgeon. 

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