Upper Extremity



Shoulder, Hip
  • Variable suture stitch placement allows for capsular plication.
  • Customized suture length delivery allows for quick and easy suture retrieval.
  • Tip options allow the surgeon to pass and retrieve varying lengths of suture into multiple locations in the joint through one portal in one pass, potentially optimizing OR time.

Suture Slider System

The Stryker suture slider system is an easy-to-use, disposable suture passing and retrieving system for sports medicine. It offers versatile options for repair of soft tissue in the shoulder.

The system can be used as a “relay” or “shuttle” system, or as a looped retriever. It is well-suited for use in many procedures, including rotator cuff repair and labrum repair.

Stryker also offers a full line of reusable suture passers within the Champion Shoulder Instrumentation set that pierce through soft tissue and retrieve suture.

RP 360° Suture Passer

Stryker’s RP 360o suture passer offers precise and versatile suture passing during arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The RP 360o suture passer features a 360o rotating jaw, with four incremental stops, which allows for easier and better placement of simple and complex suture configurations.

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