Hemaclear Products


  • Superior exsanguinations: The rolling action of the occlusive silicone ring pushes 95% of the standing blood out of the surgical field, as opposed to 69% with the Esmarch bandage.
  • Creates a sterile field: HemaClear is a sterile, single use tourniquet that eliminates the need for contaminated reusable cuffs, thus reducing infection rates.
  • Increases the surgical field: At 1” wide, the narrow profile enables a wider and sterile field.
  • Simple and cost-effective: The easy application reduces preparation time and eliminates the need for tourniquet machines, contaminated reusable cuffs and Esmarch bandages.
  • HemaClear is used worldwide: HemaClear is FDA and CE approved. More than 20 published studies demonstrate the safety, reliability and clinical superiority of HemaClear.