Cemented Stem

  • L.C.P


  • Collar provides optimal support

  • Wide, rounded medical and lateral stem section for improved "cement-friendly" fixation characteristics.

Cementless Stem

  • L.C.U

  • Cementless stem, flattened, polished neck for increased ROM.

  • Minimally invasive instrument set available.

  • Standard C: Titanium alloy Ti6AI4V with HA-Coating for cementless fixation.

  • C.F.P - The Collum Femoris Preserving system

  • Minimal bone reseaction, femoral neck is retained, no removal of cancellous bone in the proximal femur.

  • Cementless implantation with bone compression and up to 87% prosthesis to bone contact

  • Collar allows for physiological transfer of compressive forces into the femur.

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