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ShockPulse-SE Lithotriptor

Successful stone fragmentation requires appropriate levels of energy applied at the correct frequency to the exact target area. The ShockPulse-SE is a novel, dual action lithotripsy system that uses proprietary technology to achieve outstanding efficiency in stone fragmentation. The large lumen and intuitive single-handed control making kidney, ureter and bladder stone management safer and more effective.

Key benefits

  • Superior speed and suction efficiency
    A single probe set produces ultrasonic and mechanical impact action. While a large lumen facilitates stone aspiration with unprecedented speed and safety.
  • Intuitive surgeon control
    An ergonomic handpiece with integrated suction and hand activation enables one-handed operation, making it extremely convenient for daily work.
  • Versatility
    A range of probes is available for fragmentation of kidney, ureter, and bladder stones. This versatility allows outstanding rigid ureteroscopy (URS) and PCNL.

The ShockPulse technology has come of age with the ShockPulse-SE lithotripter. Integrating ultrasound and mechanical energies simultaneously from a single probe enables rapid fragmentation of all types of stones with minimal damage to surrounding tissue. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL/PNL) using a lithotripter has become standard procedure in stone management. Choosing the ShockPulse-SE lithotripter makes stone management procedures faster and more efficient due to superior drilling speed and outstanding fragment aspiration.