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  • Non-contact procedure, no sticking of the instrument tip to the tissue
  • Effective, even surface coagulation, for uniform hemostasis and devitalization
  • Better dosage of penetration depth leads to safer application
  • Minimal carbonization and smoke plume formation, minimal pollution through unpleasant odors
  • Safe procedure with few complications

Bipolar Forceps

During bipolar electrosurgical coagulation an unwanted sticking effect can occur when the forceps’ tips
adhere to the tissue. This carries a risk of inadvertent tearing open of coagulated vessels. In addition, tissue
sticking to the forceps adversely affects the continued coagulation. Sticking is markedly reduced with the
automatic power regulation provided by the Erbe VIO unit technology and the use of Soft Coagulation with
AUTO STOP. The new PREMIUM forceps and irrigation forceps additionally reduce sticking.

The forceps are available in addition to the standard models (s. catalogue of electrosurgical accessories).
The Erbe bipolar forceps are available in various lengths and shapes for different surgical and anatomical


We have shaped electrosurgery, developing it into today’s leadingedge operating room technology. This has made us an essential and reliable partner for many users. VIO 3 is yet another of our milestones in technology, following the ICC unit series and VIO 300/200. Utilize the innovative advantages
the VIO 3 has to offer.

With its logical and intuitive interface, the VIO 3 is designed to ensure optimal userfriendliness 3. 
The size of the touchscreen display alone speaks for itself: from the operating field, the surgeon always
has a clear view of all control elements. As your stepGUIDE, VIO 3 provides guidance by suggesting
experienced starting settings used in various clinical applications. This results in less setting adjustment or


With the VIO electrosurgical system, Erbe has set innovative standards aimed at providing optimum surgical support for almost any discipline as
well as including a range of additional indications

Erbe VIO 300 D and 200 D generator modules offer automatic power adjustment for all control technologies:

  • Voltage control for gentle, reproducible cutting and coagulation 
  • Arc control for high-energy cutting or coagulation and for cutting under water 
  • Power control to maintain constant power levels during coagulation and devitalization

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