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With the VIO electrosurgical system, Erbe has set innovative standards aimed at providing optimum surgical support for almost any discipline as well as including a range of additional indications.

Erbe VIO 300 S and 200 S generator modules offer automatic power adjustment for all control technologies:

  • Voltage control for gentle, reproducible cutting and coagulation
  • Arc control for high-energy cutting or coagulation and for cutting under water
  • Power control to maintain constant power levels during coagulation and devitalization


Argon plasma coagulation
with the user-friendly VIO® 3

The benefits of the logical and intuitive VIO 3 interface are now also available with APC 3. As your stepGUIDE, the interface guides you through each menu, suggesting experienced starting settings for APC applications.

Plug and operate: insert the instrument and start the APC application immediately; this results in less setting adjustment or modifications. All modes are adapted to your requirements, enabling you to work more quickly while still protecting tissue.

Using the ReMode® function, you can select up to 6 sub-programs. This allows you to control the system from the operating field using a footswitch or appropriate instruments.
With our new APCapplicator, you can toggle between electrosurgical function and argon plasma coagulation based on your technique.

Multi-modality – finely adjustable APC modes
Our APC 3 modes support the full range of APC applications. In addition, the APC 3 facilitates argon-supported cutting, and you can also benefit from the new options offered by our proprietary hybrid technologies – APC combined with our electrosurgical or waterjet technology.


Gentle interventions in surgery and endoscopy

Waterjet surgery with hybrid technology

Waterjet surgery has been successfully used in medicine for many years. Tissue structures are dissected selectively and gently by waterjet. Blood vessels and nerves remain intact up to a certain pressure. Thereafter, vessels may be treated according to with their size. Waterjet elevation can also be used to create fluid cushions in the tissue and to separate anatomical layers from one another.

Besides surgical procedures on the liver, the technique has become established in further areas of application, especially by virtue of the
development of new hybrid instruments. Thus, the waterjet is not only expanding the range of possible interventions, but in combination with
high-frequency (HF) functions, is setting new standards worldwide.

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