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VISERA 4K Ultra HD - gives surgeons for the four times higher resolution

Pioneered in minimally invasive surgical endoscopy, Olympus is always trying to achieve laparoscopic visibility that is equivalent to open surgery by providing HD video imaging systems with advanced technologies.

The VISERA 4K UHD, our new surgical endoscopy system incorporating innovative 4K technology, is the first of its kind and the new benchmark of surgical endoscopy. With Ultra High Definition, Wider Color Gamut, and Magnified Visualization as key concept, VISERA 4K UHD achieves improved visibility and further support the accuracy and safety of laparoscopic surgery.

Meet with new face of the imaging, and find out what 4K UHD means for your future surgery and your operating room.

ENF-VT2 - Rhino-Laryngo Videoscope

The Olympus ENF-VT2 rhino-laryngo videoscope offers users outstanding observation capacity and treatment performance. Its high-quality imaging, clear vision and close focus for higher accuracy allow for high-resolution office therapy for transnasal laryngoscopy- /vocal cord- and pharynx procedures.

The Olympus ENF-VT2 rhino-laryngo videoscope offers users outstanding observation capacity and treatment performance. Its high-quality imaging delivers some of the clearest, brightest images in a videoscope; the suction mechanism allows a clear view; the close focus feature permits close observation up to 2mm and therefore more details due to magnified images; and the chip-on-the-tip concept eliminates typical fiberscope wear-out. Together, these features allow for high-resolution office therapy for transnasal laryngoscopy- / vocal cord- / pharynx procedures.

High quality imaging

Delivering some of the brightest, clearest images in a videoendoscope, ENF-VT2 is facilitating a detailed image - even in smaller vessels - for easier diagnosis.

Clear vision

The suction mechanism allows users to keep a clear view, with easy push-button switching during treatments.

Improved diagnosis

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) in combination with NBI compatible video systems and ENF-VT2’s close focus function allow recognition of smallest lesions and detailed observation of mucosa for early detection.

Ergonomic handling

Programmable remote buttons allow direct access to selectable functions during the observation.


The chip-on-the-tip concept excludes optical fibres, thereby eliminating the typical wear-out effect of broken fibres in flexible fiberscopes with offering same compatibilities to cleaning and disinfection methods known from fiberscopes.


A Valuable Aid For Observation, Diagnosis, And Treatments Such As Biopsy, Aspiration, And Removal Of Foreign Bodies

Remarkable Olympus improvement of brightness and resolution makes viewing with the ENF-T3 more precise and accurate. It is designed for easy orientation to further facilitate delicate rocedures.

OTV-S190 - VISERA ELITE Video Processor

The VISERA ELITE Video Processor OTV-S190 brings out the full new scope performance. The Multi-platform system enables existing scopes to be used as well. Stabilized colour reproduction and image noise reduction improving image quality to the next level.

The VISERA ELITE Video Processor OTV-S190 delivers vivid and true colour reproduction. With a new scope individual colour correction system, the OTV is able to adjust the colour reproduction of all connected scopes to the exact same level. Your images never looked more life like on a OR sreen.

Ground- breaking resolving power for safe procedure
Equipped with the next generation HD imaging capability to provide the best possible quality for flexible and rigid endoscopes. Enables comprehensive observation of different organs and tissue.

Brighter, more powerful NBI
Narrow Band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. The light source filter configuration has been optimized to increase the brightness of the NBI light by 1.2 times. This enables the surgeon even to operate under NBI visualization.

Outstanding, true-to-life image quality
With 3D noise reduction the image quality of all new scopes and camera heads will tremendously improved.

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