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CH-S190-XZ-E/Q - Full HD 3CCD Camera Head

High resolution Next Generation autoclavable 3 CCD Camera Head provides a HD image quality as you have never seen before. The new design provides unsurpassed detail and colour reproduction, while minimising operator fatigue.

Full HD 3CCD
Full HD 3CCD delivers high definition and exceptional image quality supporting your operation with finer details then ever before.

Power Zoom
Intuitive motor driven remote controlled 0.9 -1.8 zoom, accessible on the camera head for one hand usage.

Power Focus
Intuitive motor driven remote controlled focusing, accessible on the camera head for one hand usage.

NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that improves the visualization of vessels and other tissues on the mucosal surface. Only Olympus products feature NBI, which is 20% brighter compared to previous models.

CLV-S190 - VISERA ELITE Xenon Light Source

The VISERA ELITE Xenon Light Source CLV-S190 is even better than before, featuring improved Narrow band Imaging (NBI) for brighter, higher contrast images and a new cooling design minimising the operating noise level.

The VISERA ELITE Xenon Light Source CLV-S190 allows one-touch access to HDTV and NBI. Now with advanced narrow band imaging for clear, high contrast images to aid identification of blood vessels and mucosa. The new lamp design archieves brighter observation, and light intensity is automatically adjusted to the ideal illumination.

Brighter, more powerful Narrow Band Imaging
Brighter, more powerful NBI: Narrow band Imaging now delivers significantly increased brightness and contrast. The light source filter configuration has been optimized to increase the brightness of the NBI light by 1.2 times. This enables the surgeon even to operate under NBI visualization.

OEV262H - High Definition LCD Monitor

The OEV262H is a 26" LCD monitor which is able to display full HD images and has been designed specifically for use with Olympus endoscopy systems. It has a range of display modes including PIP and POP, to allow the optimal display of images, and multiple input terminals, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of image sources.

Full HD imaging designed specifically for Olympus endoscopes
26-inch Full HD LCD panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio, high brightness, high contrast, and high gradation images.

FLIP Function for suitable display pattern and monitor layout
FLIP functions (such as mirror and 180° rotation) which provide suitable display pattern and monitor layout for the procedure.

Various display modes to match clinical needs
Multi-modality display capability, including Picture in Picture (PIP), Picture out Picture (POP), and Clone Out*1 with various image size combinations.

Multiple input terminals for a range of video signals
Various input/output terminals, including 3G/HD/SD SDI (x2), DVI-I (x2), HD15, Y/C, and VIDEO.

Eco-friendly specification
Eco-friendly specifications by low power consumption, various power saving mode, lightweight and thin body compared to the predecessor*2.

A.I.M.E (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer)
A.I.M.E (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer)*3 which supports to enhance the image quality of the OLYMPUS endoscopy system.

IMH-20 - Image Management Hub

The IMH-20 is a versatile and powerful tool for real-time image recording and capture from up to two sources, enabling recording of simultaneous images separately or as a combined file. Enhanced connectivity puts a wide range of input and output options at your fingertips for maximum image management efficiency and flexibility.

The IMH-20 offers all the benefits of the IMH-10, but with enhanced connectivity and the ability to record two separate signals simultaneously. You can either record the two images as separate files or as a single file so that they can be seen together on the display panel. Real-time recording is possible using Blu-ray, USB HDD or DVD in parallel. While high resolution still images can be captured in JPEG, BMP or TIF formats. This hub also offers synchronised voice recording, which makes the creation of teaching tools, seminar videos or audio-visual reports quick and easy for any user.

Touch-panel display
An integrated touch-panel allows real-time recording/capture while watching the monitor image. The panel angle is adjustable for optimal view and comfort.

Two-channel simultaneous recording
Connect two cameras or scopes to the IMH-20 to record images separately or combined. Simultaneous recording onto the HDD and external media is also possible.

System connection
Enhanced connectivity to all Olympus systems offers you a wide range of input and output options, all controllable with the ENDOALPHA central touch screen.

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